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The current NZKC Breed Standared is as follows:

Uniformly fawn, brindled or not, or with limited patching (pied).Fawn brindled or not, with medium or predominant patching. All the fawn shades are admitted, from the red to light brown (café au lait) colour. The entirely white dogs are classified in brindled fawn with predominant white patching. When a dog has a very dark nose, dark eyes with dark eyelids, certain depigmentations of the face may exceptionally be tolerated in very beautiful subjects.


French Bulldog colours such as blue (mouse) or Chocolate (liver) are incorrect for the breed and can not be shown.  Some people will advertise these dogs as "Rare" colours.  Anybody can buy one of these colours and breed it..... reputable breeders CHOOSE not to.

Do your research this is NOT correct for the breed standard and can come with numerous health issues.

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