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The French Bulldog is an easy-care companion who is playful, alert and affectionate. They are charming, clever dogs with a sense of humour and a stubborn streak.  Bred for centuries as a companion, they is very fond of people.  Frenchies are not suited to living outside and should be kept inside as part of the family.  Because they are a bracycephalic or “flat faced” breed they have difficulty regulating their body temperature with particular care needed in hot weather.


The French Bulldog is sometimes called 'Frog dog' or 'Clown dog.' Frog dog is in reference to the unique way they lie with hind legs spread out. Clown dog because they are known to be fun loving vivacious clowns of the dog world.

Many Frenchies are friendly with everyone, while others are politely reserved. French Bulldogs will bark to announce visitors, but are otherwise quiet dogs.


The French Bulldog is quite stubborn and can be challenging to train.  They quickly lose interest in repetitive activities, yet are also surprisingly sensitive, remember what they learn, and respond well to early, patient, persistent training.

Swimming pool owners must exercise caution: Because of their squat build and heavy head, Frenchies are poor swimmers and can easily drown if they fall into a pool.


Breed Characteristics

Frenchies are small cobby dogs with distinctive “bat ears”.  They come in a variety of colors.

Snorting, snuffling, and flatulence go with the territory of short-faced breeds.


Frenchies should come with a warning label  – something to let all of us poor suckers know that owning one is never enough. Allergies, flatulence, snoring– if you’re the kind of person who can tolerate all of this and still love a Frenchie, Once you’ve owned one, nothing less will ever again do. Consider yourself forewarned.

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